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Jun 5, 2003 03:20 PM

regarding chowhound get-togethers

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Hi all.

i'm creating an account in order for us to coordinate monthly dinner outings.

what i need from all you guys is your email addresses, so we can begin the organization process.

please email me at: , and please include 'chowhound' somewhere in the subject line.

i'm thinking, tentatively, that the third saturday of every month would be good, beginning in July (i'm being selfish; i have other committments until then).

please don't reply to this post; i'd like to do what the Chowhound Team says, and keep this sort of organizing off the board. i would post it elsewhere on the site, but i'm not sure how many people from here read the other boards as well.

also, please include in your email a suggestion for a restaurant (preferably with a mid-range price, so as to be as inclusive as possible).


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  1. danbird,

    can you please check the sp of your email address?

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    1. re: neighborguy

      take out the 'nospamplease.' :) i get enough junk mail as is; i don't want bots glomming my email adx.

      luxproject @ hotmail . com

      1. re: danbird


        I was thinking of doing this but someone beat me to it.LOL

        I am not an experienced chowhound like most of you. But I looooove food,trying new types of food and meeting foodies.

        Leah S.