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Jun 5, 2003 03:20 PM


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I'll probably get heat for this but this board has gotten kind of quiet so what the hey. Wendy's in toronto is serving a southwest chicked caesar salad that is not half bad. I'm not saying run and get one immediately but if you find yourself in fast food hell this is an option. It has spicy chicken breast, fresh corn and black beans, tomatos, lettuce and croutons with a dressing that actually has jalapenos in the ingredient list.

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  1. Wendy's i don't really have too many problems with.. their food is pretty healthy (in comparison).

    And really, there's nothign like getting a large fries and a frosty (or whatever they call those things). Dip the fries in the frostie...mmmmm...

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    1. Hey, I won't laugh at you for that. If you don't tell anyone else, I'll admit that I really like the Oriental Chicken salad at McDonalds! It's really very tasty, but if anyone asks, I'll deny it!