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Jun 4, 2003 01:08 PM

Haloumi cheese

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Does anyone know where I can buy some Haloumi cheese? It is from Cyprus and wonderful but I can't find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. There is a restaurant on Bay called Gus that serves a dish with this cheese. Maybe if you called they could tell you where they buy it.

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    1. re: beth

      I've bought haluomi cheese at a place called the Cheese Boutique:

      45 Ripley Avenue, 
      Toronto ON, M6S 3P2
      Tel: 416-762-6292 Fax: 416-762-0890

    2. I have found it a couple of times at different spots at the St. Lawrence Market. Unfortunately the names of the spots have escaped me - I beleive I found it the last time at Scheffler's Deli in their dairy section.

      Good Luck!

      1. I'm pretty sure I've seen Haloumi in some of the Greek stores on the Danforth.

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          I'm not sure about quality, but the IGA at Danforth and Pape has it. I remember noticing it a little while ago, but I neglected to pick any up. I'm sure lots of other stores around that area carry it, too.

        2. there is a place on the danforth west of pape on the south side called the Greek House. They have two different varieties of halloumi. I don't know what the difference is though. I do know halloumi is great when you rub olive oil into it and throw it on the grill.