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Jun 3, 2003 06:01 PM

Sunday Brunch near Westin Harbour Castle

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A friend is coming to town and has asked for a recommendation on a Sunday brunch venue within walking distance of the Westin Harbour Castle. He's a very casual guy, but it's a business meal (he's taking out a client) so I'm trying to recommend somewhere between casual and well short of outrageous (e.g., much of the Queen St. West strip would be inappropriate, nor would way upscale).

Can anyone offer advice on a brunch recommendation? Queen's Quay, Front, King St., and lower Yonge would be the area he'd consider, I'd think.



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  1. Not sure if its too upscale but King Edward Hotel has a pretty good brunch (especially if expensed) and is an ideal place to conduct a business transaction.

    1. I know you wanted walking distance but, a really nice buffet on a Sunday is the one at the Hot House Cafe. I think it's Front and Jarvis...? Just be sure to make reservations

      1. g
        Guy Middleton

        There is an Il Fornello at the Queen's Quay Terminal, they are moderately priced and have reliably good but not great food.