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Jun 2, 2003 07:03 PM

Toronto Food Premises Inspection System

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I've noticed a few postings on 'untoward' sanitary experiences in Toronto restaurants e.g. I had a friend who got sick at .......
The moderators usually remove these, but given the number of new posters here, please note the link below, to the results of the City inspection. Every inspection result is there (over 10,000 food outlets). Restaurants are examined a MINIMUM of 3 times per year. And it includes a link to complain if you encounter any problems.
So, please, if it's a complaint, contact the city, don't post rumours of nasties here. It's open to obvious abuse. I recently spent time checking out an unsanitary report here on a restaurant I'd recommended. Clean bill of health from the City.


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  1. Thanks for this link, estufarian.

    For the benefit of our new posters, please be aware that we have a "no bugs/cooties/shards of glass" policy at Chowhound. Such reports are impossible to confirm, and it's potentially libelous. If you find a restaurant lousy or dirty, that's a matter of opinion that can be checked and potentially argued. No libel, not unfair, just consumer opining. But one anonymous "found a roach in my salad" report can deeply affect perception about a restaurant and there's NO WAY it can ever be confirmed or argued or verified or balanced. estufarian's experience above is exactly what we are talking about. So it's out of bounds of our discussion.

    Where health issues at restaurants are concerned, the Health Department should be notified so that the problem can be properly dealt with. A serious health situation can't be handled via our breezy discussions, and we will remove such postings.

    Sorry for this interruption... back to the chow!

    1. Yeah, I went and looked it up too. The Dinesafe Program really is one of the shining lights in Toronto Civic Government right now. Not having the Green Pass sign at the front entrance really spurrs an establishment to corrective action.

      To look up an entry in the Dinesafe Database, you may need to go to the Dinesafe homepage first as per the link below.


      1. Although I half agree with what you're saying that a rumour is just a rumour - could be a competitive restaurant owner posting that another restaurant has unsavoury practices etc. etc. So, in that regard you are right that you should check the "official" status.

        However, the problem with that sometimes, is that the inspectors are not there 24 hours a day, nor are they at restaurants everyday to check up on what's happening in the kitchen. Being a chef in an upscale Toronto restaurant, I can tell you that although we've gotten the Green pass everytime the inspector has come in, it does NOT mean that my staff are ALWAYS 100% adherent to everything that Green pass signifies. You can't possibly police every restaurant in the city all the time. Just not feasible.

        I think the key here is to just be aware and even though it may be an upscale restaurant, you should still have your "food whits" about you.

        The lesson being, just because the restaurant got a Green pass last week, doesn't mean that "George" didn't mistakingly chop the fennel where he just slathered a cornish hen with rub - OR that the day after that, "Thomas" dropped the very last provimi veal chop we had for the night on the floor where countless workboots of chefs had been trotting on all night. What to do? Well, the city inspector wasn't around, so we just washed it and went along with our business.

        I do not illustrate these things so that people stop going to restaurants OR to say that the DineSafe program doesn't work. Just the contrary, it's humans that we're dealing with here and as long as humans are responsible for touching, chopping, preparing and cooking your food, there WILL be SOME degree of error expected. No one is perfect.

        It is up to diners to look around their environments, see if things look right or not, and if not, then to report it immediately to the city. This is the only way that there can be some sort of record kept.

        Until next time.....Play hard and eat harder.