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Jun 2, 2003 01:47 PM

Chowhound Toronto food club/organization

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I inquired about a food club/organization sometime ago and received a reply regarding Serial Diners.

Has anyone thought about all the Chowhounds in T.O getting together and starting a club like this?

It will be interesting to meet some of the people may be once a month at a restaurant and talk about food.

Just a thought!
Leah S.

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  1. Lots of our other regions have get-togethers. Comparative dimsum taste-offs, check-outs of interesting places, etc, pot luck picnics (bring your favorite creations, along with print-outs of the recipes). It's a lot of fun, and the site owes its survival to fundraising efforts at some of these (we have to pay a whopping server rent bill each month!).

    All we ask is that logistical and organizing work be done elsewhere (email, a yahoo group,, etc) so we can keep this discussion highly chowcentric (rather than see it diluted with postings ala "I can't make it Thursday, my son has fencing class!").

    1. Sounds good. Other chowhounds? Come on!

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        1. re: Coconuts

          Danbird is organizing the first one. I have sent him an e-mail.

          Whoever is interested can e-mail him at

          I can't wait for our first meet.

          Have a great day!