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Jun 2, 2003 08:57 AM

King W - Blowfish or Eau?

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King west (around Bathurst) is becoming VERY trendy these days. Apart from Susur, are any of the places there good for FOOD (as opposed to club life) - Blowfish and Eau are 2 of the places I've been hearing a lot about lately. Anyone tried them or have other recommendations in the area (Rodney's is not for me - not an oyster fan!).

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  1. Having to spend the better part of my day and evening down in this area, I can't say that I would reccomend the area for fine dining. There are a lot of wanna be (read very cool)restaurants that tend to play to the style of the place rather than the substance. The only thing though is that Brassaii serves unpretentious food at a reasonable rate, and for the most part is quite good (though not always consistent). I've had good chicken and ribeye, and homemade gnocchi that is always good.

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      Blowfish has better food at 2/3's the price.. Eau turns into a night club once the kitchen closes and gets VERY loud..Brassaii is cheap but the food reflects the price. Stick to Blowfish for the good sushi and hand rolls..

    2. Blowfish is quite good. The food is very well done and the staff are quite friendly. It has got a New York feel. Prices are reasonable.

      1. Still haven't made it to either of these spots but had Sun am brunch at Brassai recently... and it was good!! The menu was more adventurous than your standard TO brunch, big portions, very tasty and the room is outstanding. They are building a big patio so this should be a winner for summer weekends. Warning: it is classified as a bar so no kids and smoking is allowed. It's a big place though and wasn't crowded so the smoking wasn't much of an issue. I would imagine more of a concern in the evening if you are bothered by 2nd hand smoke.