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May 31, 2003 12:42 PM

Good, reasonably prized Cheesecake in GTA

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My dear fellow chowhounds:
My quest to search for the perfect cheesecake in GTA is beginning to bankrupt me. Yes, I've had some pretty incredible desserts at high-end restaurants (ex Bodega, Senses, Bouchon) but it's unlikely I will be visiting there any time soon. Do you have a recommendation for pastry/dessert places that serves other than Dufflet stuff? And preferably under $5.

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  1. Ever tried the President's Choice line of cheesecakes?

    PC New York-Style Cherry Cheesecake
    PC New York-Style Original Cheesecake
    PC New York-Style Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake
    PC New York-Style Wild Blueberry Cheesecake

    They're quite good and usually just under $5. Only thing I'm not crazy about is the crust - just seems a little too shortbread-y for my taste.

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    1. re: FoodGirl

      Are you talking about a whole cheesecake for <$5?

      That would be mighty impressive.

      Dante's Italian Restaurant tends to have nice cheesecakes. ~$3 per enormous slice.

      1. re: danbird

        PC is actually pretty good, but they are small. Still a great value though and you only need a little.

      2. re: FoodGirl

        You forgot the best flavour... chocolate cookie. ummmm good!

        1. re: FoodGirl

          I like the new flavour that just came out last Saturday for the Insider's Report, President's Choice Caramel Apple Cheesecake with Pecan Streudel. On sale for $4.99. Rather luscious.

          1. re: FoodGirl

            Thanks for the tip. Heading for Dominion now!

            1. re: Coconuts

              Just saw your posting.

              You've gotta go to Loblaws, not Dominion!

          2. If you ever want to make your own, this recipe is divine.


            1. Before you go completely bankrupt, don't forget to try Carole's Cheesecakes on Castlefield. I know you can buy some of her cheesecakes around the city but I figure why not just go right to the source...and it's all worth it...