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May 30, 2003 09:04 PM

university st. (queen/dundas)

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i am looking for some good take-out lunch spots near university and queen/dundas, near the courthouse. So far, I have been dining on hotdogs. any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Village by the Grange has a food court with alot of variety.

    Walk west on Dundas (the south side) from University. It's just past the police station. Walk through the main doors toward the back.

    There's caribbean, thai, chinese, japanese, mc donald's, and others in there. --- typical fast food stuff though.

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      When I worked on University just south of Dundas I thought Dundas (WEST of University all the way down to Spadina) was one of the best cheap lunch areas around! Along that stretch of Dundas there is Chinese, Jamaican, Vietnamese etc all at reasonable prices. I'm sure most of them do take-out, but you can't beat the huge $4 chinese lunch complete with table service and hot (well, almost hot) tea. Not the highest quality, but the best deal in town.

    2. Coconut Grove on the south side of Dundas a block or so east of University (maybe half-way to Bay?) is my favourite take-out in that area. Great roti and curry+rice+peas "dinners". The Friday-special "Caribbean-style chow mein" is also a treat, and the service is always friendly.


      1. If you can do the walk - just North of Dundas and Yonge on the East side there is a thai place called the Salad King (beware that during school time, you will have to wait for your food as it fills with Ryerson regulars).

        Another Thai, that is inexpensive and doesn't have the wait is the Thai Sensations Cafe on Elm/Yonge. Cheap - yummy soups.

        Pestos - is at Elm and University. Not gourmet but has a decent selection of fresh salads and made to order pasta dishes. It is in the AT & T building.