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May 29, 2003 10:41 PM

Korean Restaurants in North York

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I love Korean food, especially those great appetizers the meals come with. I also love the spicy fish stew with vegetables. Does anyone have any favourite restaurants they go to in North York. I know the good ones are in the Bloor/Christie area The best ones usually don't have english menus or english speaking staff. I don't speak Korean so I need a little help on the best spicey dishes to order as well!

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  1. Funny you should mention that... there is a large Korean population in the North York "downtown" area (Yonge between Sheppard and Steeles), so there are quite a few restaurants on Yonge and on Spring Garden Ave. (off Yonge a couple of blocks north of Sheppard). You ought to be able to find something you like around there...

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      Thanks for the suggestion, I know that area very well. I've been to some of those restaurants on Spring Garden and I'm not that impressed, I've had much better Korean food. What are you favourite Korean dishes? There's also a few Korean restaurants near Cummer and Yonge as well. I want to know people's favourites and favourite dishes.

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        I like Korean BBQ.....that's pretty much all I've been exposed to.

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          Hyang Chon next to the ESSO gas station (south-east corner of finch and yonge) is perhaps the best korean restaurant around that area. Appetizers are great, mmm, kimchi~ can always ask for more. Kimchi Chige is the best in that area. Pork belly is thinly sliced. Spicy, great for the winter! 99% of customers are koreans, a bit difficult for non-koreans to comprehend what the food may look like if u never tried korean food before. But everything in the menu is good!!! If u want to see pictures of the food, try the restaurant "family restaurant" on southwest corner of Yonge and Cummer (across from Foodbasics). Also have excellent food!

        2. re: Chloe

          My favourite North York Korean restaurant is located in a plaza off of Steeles, just west of Yonge. Across from Centrepoint - there's a japanese restaurant called Momo Yama right beside it. The restaurant is called Hanil Kwan.

          They have the best side dishes (Kim Chi is always good) of any Korean restaurant I've tried - and so many side dishes! You regularly get 8-10 side dishes - sometimes they give you a little dish of Korean congee. The dishes themselves are delicious.

          I especially like the cold noodle dishes. Not the one in soup - but served with vegetables some beef, and hot sauce. I believe in Korean it is Bi Bim Naeng Myun.

          Try it on a hot day - it is so refreshing!


          1. re: Chaagy
            Burke and Wells

            We just came from dinner here, and must say it was friendly, reasonably priced, welcoming and delicious. The starters were wonderful, some tipped into excellent. The Kim Chi was just right, the pickled vegetables refreshing. Meats were tender and flavorful, my Ba-Bim-Bap [sic?] was a learning experience in a hot stone bowl.

            Thank you for the recommendation, we shall return!



      2. Hi, there is a decent Korean restaurant at the South-West Corner of yonge and finch. Unfortunately, I don't know what it's called since I can't read Hangul. But it is to the left of the Twister Karaoke joint. The food itself is pretty much identical to the typical food at the Christie Korean town, but it is quite reasonable. The stretch of yonge between Steeles and the Business Depot at Empress Walk has lots of Korean places that are worth exploring!