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May 29, 2003 04:31 PM

Recs for great fish & chips in the downtown core. TIA nm

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    1. re: danbird

      Am I the only one that doesn't agree with NOW's five star rating of Chippy's?
      I thought the fish and chips rather bland.

      1. re: BlaBlaBla

        no, you aren't the only one...I live a few blocks away and can't believe the people are still lining up for that mush...I have a feeling they won't be open much longer. I think alot of these people are first-timers and will learn soon enough. I wish I could warn these people while I walk by...

        1. re: sunshine

          I totally agree with this - Ate at Chippy's and it was not the worst by far - but hardly deserving of it's full acclaim.


        2. re: BlaBlaBla

          I agree Chippy's I think is all hype. The best to me is by far Al's Fish & Chips on McCaul St everything is fresh and its not greasy like 99% of all the other places. I tried many fish and chips places in Toronto but for me its Al's