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May 29, 2003 02:06 PM

Cream soda in Toronto?

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I think I'm becoming a real chowhound, so I'll ask a question to see what the community is like.

Are there any afficianados of cream soda in the Toronto area? What do you do for cream soda?

I have to admit to a strong weakness for Dr. Brown's cream soda, which I always order when I'm in a deli in NYC. I think that I may have even seen IBC cream soda at the Pickle Barrel (Yonge Street north of Queen), which is almost as good.

I'm thinking about actually not having to go out to a restaurant just for a cream soda, but instead a grocery store or distributor that might sell something wonderful for a reasonable price.

For awhile, the grocery stores sold Barq's in 2-litre bottles, but come to think of it, I haven't seen any recently.

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  1. I usually get mine in the States, ever since A&W brown-coloured cream soda was discontinued in Canada years ago. Can't stand the pink stuff passed off as cream soda around these parts.

    Stewart's can be found at various stores around the city and they have two nifty varieties (regular brown-coloured and Cherries n' Cream).

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      i like the pink stuff... i just don't call it cream soda :) it's some sort of frankendrink.

      there's a Hasty Market on carlton street, just east of Yonge, on the south side. they carry some products that i haven't seen anywhere else, and ISTR seeing a 'designer' cream soda there the other night. i could be wrong.

    2. Greetings,
      My son tells me that Jones cream soda is excellent. Jones beverages, (out of Vancouver I believe) are available at numerous grocery stores etc. in the G.T.A.

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        available online (and yes it's delicious), and there's also a dealer locator.