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May 29, 2003 11:22 AM

Best Ceviche in town?

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The title says it all. Anyone have decent recommendations for ceviche in Toronto?

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  1. Chiado. The Best.

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    1. re: SeaGirl

      do they have a website where you can see their menu?

      1. re: beth

        They don't, but you can read a pretty recent review here:

        Not only do they have the best ceviche in town, they have the best fish in town. Period.


        1. re: Chris

          Thanks. Would 4 people on a Sat night need reservations?

          1. re: beth

            Chiado pretty much always requires reservations. Or perhaps I've only ever been on a weekend.

            The fish really is excellent, but I would caution you that the simpler the manner of preparation, the happier I've been. Not that more complicated stuff hasn't been good, but that the basic stuff (grilled whole fish, etc.) is really excellent.

            1. re: 7smcb

              Thanks for the tip - I'll keep it simple.

    2. Any other places for good ceviche?