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May 27, 2003 10:28 AM

Jack Link's Beef Jerky

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I am addicted to Jack Link's Beef Jerky, it's delicious, especially the Sweet and Hot flavour. I've found it sold at Loblaws and gas stations, does anyone know where I can buy it in larger quantities and cheaper prices? Does anyone know of another beef jerky brand that tastes as good as Jack Link's if so let me know! The largest bag is 113g for $6.99. Can I get it cheaper anywhere else?


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  1. Jack Links is distributed by Spitz seeds and Krispy Kernels...they also provide nuts and seeds to stores, gas stations etc.

    You can try talking to one of the local distributors to see if you can buy directly from them. I would call their head offices and see who the distributors are for your area and try to make contact that way.

    1. yea i know of a good jerky. ITs not exactly sweet n spicey but it is peppered heavily (i mean like ground pepper spicy.) Its Oh Boy! Oberto peppered beef jerky. I like to get a nice soft wad and stick it in the side of my mouth and suck on it. I havent had straight Jack Link's jerky, but im addicted to the Jerky Chew they have. I wanna try the hot jerky chew though, but i dont know where to get it.