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May 26, 2003 09:57 PM

$18.99 all-you-can-eat Sundays at Sushi Place

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hey kids...i know some of you purists disdain the "non-authentic", "low rent" japanese restaurants...but hell, they ain't no crime.

sushi place, at 423 queen st. w. (east of spadina), has all-you-can-eat sundays for $18.99. they have a special sunday menu, you order from it, and you can just keep ordering till you're full. it ain't no buffet with the gigantic stainless-steel boxes full of manhandled food sitting under a heat lamp, thank god. the fine print at the bottom of the menu says something like you can't deliberately waste food, or they'll charge you the full a la carte prices. heh-heh, you order it, you gorge on it.

the sushi line-up obviously won't offer anything like uni or saba or toro, but it ain't bad. they have the usual suspects like salmon and kappa-maki, along with the likes of unagi, spicy scallop, and the new-fangled rolls with tempura bits in'em. aside from sushi, they offer appetizer portions of stuff like kara-age (deep fried chicken), tonkatsu (breaded & deep-fried pork cutlet), gyoza, tempura, unagi-bonburi (bbq eel on rice, with a sweetish sauce), yaki-udon, soba, etc. solid, middle-brow japanese food. it's really pretty good.

is this "go crazy with the menu" thing a recent trend, as an alternative to the old and tacky buffets? (...i grew up on town & country and mother tuckers, like most suburban kids). there was a posting a while back about fortune cookie restaurant on king st. w., with a similar concept.

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  1. I had made a posting about the $8.99 Sushi Buffet on weekdays at Katsu. I imagine the range of foods is similar....


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      i prefer Mariko, in the Carrot Common... the selection is much, much wider. Katsu's quality is slightly better though.

      i think i'll have to check out this place :)

      1. re: danbird

        There are also some great all you an eat sushi places in scarborough. The two I've been to were really good and there are different prices (and slightly different menus) for lunch, dinner, and weenends. Not fancy but yummy nonetheless, and great value for sushi obsessed students like me!