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May 26, 2003 03:48 PM

Indian Food

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I'm new to Toronto, only been here a month from the UK, but am staying for a while. One of the things I'm missing from back home is some good Indian food, namely a nice chicken tikka massala.

I've goggled indian food and Toronto and it's given me The Host, and a few other places.

Can anyone recommend if they are any good? Plus some good Indian restaurants in the Mississauga / Downtown / Etobicoke area (nearer to Etobicoke the better as that's where I'm living at the moment)


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  1. Oh, and any good Indian places that will deliver to the Lakeshore / Park Lawn Rd area?

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      Hi Markus - just west of Park Lawn at 2356 Lake Shore Boulevard West is Exotic Papadum (416)253-5047 - the previous management used to deliver - don't know about now. (and can't speak to the quality of the food - I like it but I'm not an expert).

      1. re: Elizabeth

        I used to take indian cooking classes from the chef at Exotic Papadum....let me say that his cooking was better in class than as a restauranteur. Having said that, the saag ghosht was pretty tasty.

        I have heard good things about shahi naan kebab in mississauga, but have never been there. my favourite indian places are lahore tikka house and Debu Saha's Biryani House....east indian is best eaten in the east i guess....i was not impressed with curries in England. I guess I have to go to Bradford after seeing East is East....great film.

    2. Welcome fellow Brit,
      Nothing matches the curries from home really. The closest I have found is The New Raj Nagar at 649 Yonge St. They do deliver to your neighbourhood via
      Great naan bread.

      1. Not exactly Indian food (Pakistani, I believe), but there's a place in Mississauga called BBQ Tonight (could be spelled differently) that does some fantastic tandoori dishes. Great kabobs (my new fav seekh kabob), chicken tikkas (dry, not the masala kind), and a pretty good keema paratha (which sometimes takes a while to prepare). Lots of other dishes that are pretty good too, from what I hear. Don't have the contact/location (I live in Boston), but I'm sure you'll be able to find it in the phone book.

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          I asked Momma-Dukes, and this place is located at Burnhamthorpe & Mavis. Check it out.

        2. I really don't know the Etobicoke area that well. But here are some places that I have tried and found to be the best in the city. Of course, this is based on my experience.

          The Host, which has a location downtown and also in Richmond Hill is definitely good. I find the food quite authentic and the dishes are made differently. The same sauce is not used for every dish. I have tried the Chicken Tikka Masala here. And I thought it was quite good.

          Cuisine of India on Yonge Street near the North York Centre also has some good food. The tandoori dishes are fantastic. And the curries are subtle with different spices. There is a Murgh Tikka Badami that is good here. And so is the CTM.

          Both these places are nice, sit down restaurants.

          For cheaper food you have some options on Gerrard Street. If you are driving, get on the Gardiner all the way to end, and keep going till you hit Coxwell, go north on coxwell till you get Gerrard and then go West on Gerrard for a few blocks. Plenty of Indian restaurants here. Some good, others not so good. Moti Mahal is one that is good. It is an Indian cafeteria/fast food type setting. They have a thali which is around $7 and is a good deal.
          There is also Madras Durbar and Udipi for some great South Indian food.
          And then finally there is Lahore Kebab, which does some good kebabs and also the Karhai Lamb which was good. They have Butter Chikcen on the menu which is similar to CTM. DIdn't try it, but you might want to give it a shot.
          If you try any of these places, come back and let us know what you thought!
          Best of luck and welcome to Toronto.

          1. Definetly try Indian Kitchen on Yonge St & Clark, just north of Steeles. I've found time and again their food is exquisite.