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May 25, 2003 02:08 PM

Does anyone know what's up with Smalltalk

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What's going on with Smalltalk on Bayview? They were closed for awhile, but now the're open again. Leaside just wasn't the same without them. Is it new owners??

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  1. Well...I was wondering the same thing, so I called them just the other day. The guy on the phone confirmed that the restaurant still serves the same wonderful breads, and that Ross the chef is still the chef. As for the temporary closing, it had something to do with "upper-level restructuring", which the gentleman assured me will not affect the dining patrons in any way.

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    1. re: Heather

      I also noticed it was open (on a drive-by).
      But last time I was there, the notice that was posted was from a Trustee in Bankruptcy "In the matter of.....".
      if they're not telling 'the whole truth' about a "restructuring" what's the likelihood that the other info is 'complete'.

      1. re: estufarian

        Trustee in Bankruptcy - yikes! Well, now that they've reopened, let's hope they have their shit together.

        The best way to recover from such things is to provide good food and service, and as long as they can do that for customers, I don't care what their behind-the-scenes problems are (except from a gossip standpoint!!), and I wouldn't expect them to divulge all the gory, embarrassing details.

        I hope someone can provide a report soon, if I don't get there first.

        1. re: Heather

          A group of us were planning a dinner get together the other week and someone suggested Smalltalk. A couple of friends who happen to know it quite well vetoed the suggestion. They knew the story. Coincidentally I heard a nasty story about the chef similar to what our friends had told us had happened that same week while getting a pedicure and manicure! If you're curious you'll have to find out for yourself at the spa. In the end we chose Pastis for our dinner. Food was good but the buzz was great! And you gotta love George! It seems to be "the" neighborhood hangout for the Rosedale and even Leaside crowd as we ran into some of our neighbours there that night.

          There are many good mid-tiered restaurants in TO. Crossing one off my list is no big deal. There are so many others serving good or very good food.