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May 23, 2003 04:53 PM

markham/richmond hill take out

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Other than the regular delivery/takeout joints, is there anything else to choose from (not asian).

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  1. k
    Kevin Bertsch

    Some of the grocery stores have pretty good take-out. I'm not so fond of the 'Marche' franchise at Loblaws; I find their food over-salted to an extreme, and not very cheap. On the other hand, I do enjoy the veal and meatball sandwiches at Weston Foods (Yonge just south of Major Mac) which are very good value at 3.99, and their chicken legs are also quite tasty.

    I would never suggest this is haute cuisine, but it's quick, cheap, and tasty. You can get a whole chicken at Weston for 6.99, which is a lot cheaper than Swiss
    Chalet, and it still tastes good.

    And, if you're a member, the garlic chicken at Costco
    is tremendous value and very good.


    1. Boston Market (N/W of Major Mac & Bayview) has great takeout if you are looking for good roasted chicken with side dishes that are flavourful and fresh (green beans are sometimes soggy depending on the time of day). They have a drive-thru and an eat-in area.
      (Make sure that they don't forget to include the gravy (for the chicken) and the croutons (if you order the caesar salad). This has happened to me a few times).

      Much better than Swiss Chalet anyday for takeout.

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        Boston Market closed awhile ago.

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          Boston Market is long gone!! It hasn't been there for years now. When was the last time you went down there?

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            check the date of the post, "loves to eat" replied to an extremely old msg.

        2. Check out They just expanded their delivery area in Markham/Richmond Hill.