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May 23, 2003 02:36 PM

Excellent Chinese Restaurant - Spadina Garden

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On Dundas, near Bay Street.

If you love Old School Americanized, but still vaguely authentic Szechuan (like the old Young Lok, in its heyday), you will really like this place. It's family run and owned, by the same people for about a decade. They care about the quality of their food and the service, which is somewhat rare for a downtown Chinese restaurant.

Chicken with bamboo shoots contains FRESH bamboo shoots, not the usual canned stuff. Chicken pieces are all winners: no knuckly, weird garbage pieces. Even beef dishes are good.

Hot and sour soup was solid; the brown stuff, not the red.

Also similar is Chung King in the Pacific Mall.

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  1. I agree! Spadina Garden is a guarenteed great, inexpensive meal. Their sweet and sour pork is a thing of greasy, crispy beauty!