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May 23, 2003 12:43 AM

delicious cheap somalian restaurant

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There is a little restaurant on dundas between Jarvis and Sherbourne on the North side of the street. The sign protruding from the restaurant calls it a & B restaurant and the one over the door calls it Horyal. It is the greatest deal and the most delicious food, though it is a bit dingy. You get a bowl of super tasty goat broth, an enormous plate of spiced ricewith raisins, steak or fish and salad/veg,an entire pitcher of thick mango juice and unlimited sweet chai tea for only $6! it is so good. oh and everything is Halal.

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  1. Sounds great. how does it compare with Dalmar Restaurant (2181A Lawrence Ave. E., east of Birchmount Ave, Toronto; 416-751-0583)? You been there? If not, it's an excellent excuse for a comparison ("Braised Hawk Down!") feast!


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      All the Somali restaurants have cheap deals like this. And (almost) all of them make great, tasty food. Don't bother to ask for a menu at these places - just ask the guy behind the counter what he has ready.

      Jim Leff already mentioned Dalmar at Lawrence and Birchmount. You can also try :

      Cafe Sinai - south side of Lawrence just west of Pharmacy.

      Bilan - south side of Dundas between Church and Jarvis, as best as I can remember. Haven't been there in a while, so I don't know if it is still there.

      Hemar Weyne - north side of Rexdale just west of Martingrove

      ?????? - north side of Rexdale just west of Islington

      ?????? - north side of Bloor about a block west of Dundas West - be warned that it is small and not well maintained.

      The ubiquitous goat is always good at any Somali restaurant. Happy eating.

      1. re: migrant23

        Great list, thanks! Any tips for eating spaghetti with your hand?

    2. This just makes a tear jerker
      for this I remember my great times there at that Toronto restaurant. How I missed their large boodle plate with cinnamon pea rice & assortment of chicken plantaine banana roasted sweet spods beef Cajun all good for 3-4 hungry persons for under CDN.$12.oo.back in 2001 and every morsel of it was very tasty!