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May 22, 2003 05:37 PM

St. Jacob/Elora Restaurants

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I'm going to MaryHill Inn in a few weeks and looking for a nice restaurant, does anyone know the St. Jacobs/Elora, Ontario area and where a good place is to eat?


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  1. Check out the STONE CROCK at and click on DINING. Food has been especially good when they are busy.

    1. There is a very fine little restaurant in Elora called
      Serendipity. I live in Guelph and have tried most of the restaurants in the area, and this is the best meal I've had. French-influenced nouveau, but the prices are reasonable, and the place is beautiful, right on the river.
      Overlook the fact that the waiter can't pronounce the ingredients of the dishes, it just adds to the fancy-restaurant-in-the-country charm.

      I couldn't remember the name so I looked it up in, here are the details:

      Phone: (519)846-8738
      13 East Mill, ON

      About a block away from the Old Mill.

      1. Pardon the interruption for a technical point:

        This board's just for Toronto (and the IMMEDIATELY surrounding area), so this discussion belongs on our Canada board (yes, it's a pretty big catch-all, but until we can redivide things, it's what we're stuck with).

        We ask for everyone's attention re: posting to the correct board, in order to ensure that 1. the Toronto board's tightly concentrated on Toronto (for better useability for you all) and that 2. those searching for good chow in locales outside Toronto have a better chance of seeing and making use of the tips offered.


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        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          I understand the strict territory guidelines you want to establish here, but places like St. Jacobs and Guelph are not that far out of Toronto (an hour at most). I suspect that many here, the definition of "Toronto" would include nearby places like Milton, Newmarket, etc. Besides, i have enough trouble wading through all the Vancouver-centric entries in the Canada board.

          Maybe an hour's drive/100 km limit could be established here.

          1. re: Keith_farn

            I don't agree. Once you start saying that places like Guelph and St. Jacobs are close enough to Toronto, this board will become diluted with posts about everywhere from Port Hope to Kitchener.

            The posts regarding suburbia (the "905" area) make perfect sense, but St. Jacobs is not part of the Greater Toronto Area, eh?

            1. re: Salmon Ella

              Honestly, how many posts will there be about restaurants in St. Jacobs, etc.? There really aren't enough restaurants outside of the city that it's likely to clutter up the board. So far I have seen two threads.

              It is my suspicion that people in Toronto occaisonally venture out of the city, and perhaps would like to know if there are good places to eat at their destinations. There are some real hidden gems within a couple of hours drive.

              Not in St. Jacob's though. :)

            2. re: Keith_farn

              Loosening the geographical limits may result in threads about places like Hamilton, which may lead to threads about places near Hamilton, and so on. Everyone seems to have a different idea as to what "near Toronto" means. I would prefer that this board stuck to Toronto and the GTA (e.g, Mississauga, Thornhill).

              I agree with Keith that the general Canada board seems strongly Vancouver-centric, but I'm sure Vancouver will get their own board soon.