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May 22, 2003 12:07 PM

Donair in Mississauaga

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Anyone out there know of a place to get a donair in Mississauga, (401/410 area)? Or even relatively close?

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  1. the best and only place is in Burlington called Sammys donair, they are not very friendly and the place is mondo $$$ however that set aside their meat is close to the Halifax original like Bash Toulany in the North end of Halifax there sauce is mediocre some times a little lumpy sometimes almost like the original make sure you suck ass to the women with the bad aditude or they will make your donair smaller.
    Sammys Donair it on Guelph line on the corner of New street.

    1. Greco Xpress in Brampton at Queen & Kennedy. It's at the Howard Johnson's hotel

      Donairs are their specialty and its a popular chain from Nova Scotia I believe

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        ya but there gone now I guess they closed went by there not long ago and they closed damn it!!

      2. The original comment has been removed