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May 21, 2003 11:11 AM

take out at Yonge and Adelaide

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Anyone know of any non Canadian great takeout in the area of Yonge and Adelaide? I have to eat lunch in the area every day and if I have one more bagel I will die.

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  1. You're a five-minute walk from the St. Lawrence Market and in the northwest corner (on the top floor), there's a small stand that sells the best peameal bacon sandwiches. There's also some pretty good food greek and italian in the basement.

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    1. re: Cody

      Thanks, I know about the market. Unfortunately I don't even have time to walk that far, which is why I end up eating in the dismal food court below my building (or not eating at all most days). Does anyone know anything in the block surrounded by King, Yonge, Bay and Church? I know it's pretty specific but this board usually comes up with something.

    2. Seeing as how I too work in that area (1 Adelaide), I might be able to help you out!

      Mercatto on Toronto Street (south of Adelaide) is great for soups and sandwiches.

      Terroni does amazing pasta, pannini and pizza - be warned it can be expensive!! Call beforehand and place your orders - it gets really busy at lunch.

      Soup Nutsy in the TD Centre is actually quite good, if you feel like the walk.

      The T Spot - Hudson's Bay basement - pretty decent food - there was a discussion about it below.

      Pumpernickles (just on Adelaide east of Yonge) - I suspect some might disagree, but their schnitzel is not too bad.

      If you REALLY feel like a walk - Salad King north of Dundas (I tend to go there more for dinner though)

      If you feel like sitting down, Young Thailand does quite a decent buffet at lunch - it will fill the hunger gap!

      If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

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        I work at 1 Financial Place, too. I second the recommendations for Mercatto and Terroni. I enjoy Terroni's, but as Otonabee mentioned, it can get pricy. (Funny, I don't remember my meals at the original Queen St. W. location costing so much...) Mercatto gets extremely crowded if you don't get there by noon.

        Everyone ends up at Marcello's downstairs in the junk-food alley if they're really pressed for time...

      2. Is Ho Shim still in the First Canadian Place? This used to be my place of choice at the base in all of the bank towers.

        There used to be the restaurant, but also a take out which served great Korean beef, rice and noodles. I used to love to pick up lunch there, and go upstairs when they used to play jazz on the Royal Bank Plaza.

        1. as a bachelor living in the Yonge & King area, I've pretty much cottoned on to every restaurant/takeout service in the neighbourhood. Not a huge fan of Terroni (so-so service, quality of their pizzas fluctuates) but Mercatto's quite good for takeout (even though their dine-in menu is a lot nicer). Kabuki (despite Jake Richler's recent skewering of it) does a serviceable takeout sushi, as does Ginga Sushi on Colborne.

          My pick for great takeout would be the Metropolitan Restaurant and Bar just north of King on Victoria Street (which runs parallel to, and just east of, Yonge).

          Food courts are the worst, but there's this place at First Canadian that makes a nice turkey burger..forget what it's called, though.