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May 21, 2003 02:27 AM

Food Around UofT

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I'm rounding out my fourth year at UofT and one of my biggest problems has always been a lack of places to eat. I got sick of the usual fast food places in high school (McDonald's, subway, pizza pizza, harvey's etc) so it has always been a chore to find decent food around campus.

I'd just like to post a few items about some of the places that I have discovered in my four years at UT.

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  1. I think there might have been a previous thread about this down there somewhere, but I just wanted to post some opinions of my own.

    Red Chinese Food Truck (Wokking on Wheels)
    This is the truck outside of Robart's library, and in my opinion, the food quality has declined in the past year or two. I believe they switched owners about 2 years ago. Recently, the menu features many many things with the same generic sauce on top. I've tried the new items about 4 times and I have been disappointed each time. My friend swears by the beef and egg on rice, however.

    White Truck ("Mandarin Catering")
    This truck is parked outside of the Ramsey Wright building, just south Harbord and St. George. This truck has a much better selection of items in it's menu. Pretty much everything here is decent. The "daily specials," haven't changed in the four years I have been here. They are all pretty good value however, at under $4. The curry fish balls are good value at $1 and yummy.

    Ken Ho's Truck
    This truck is parked outside the UofT Bookstore, on St. George across from the main engineering building. It hasn't been there for the past 2 weeks or so, but maybe he's on vacation. The meal combos here are really good. About $4.00 or so, they contain an assortment of meat (chicken, beef, bbq pork etc) on rice. The funniest item is the vegetarian chicken balls. Basically it's just the coating. Ken is the only guy who is in the truck usually, so he is usually very busy making 5 orders at once.

    Various coffee trucks on St. George

    These guys have smokes, and candy as their main products, but they also have small containers of fried rice, noodles, and other Chinese food avaliable for around $3. Not spectacular, but good for a light lunch.

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      Thanks for the report, sekibun. I'm sad to hear about the ownership change for Wokking on Wheels. They seemed to be doing great business while I was at U of T, so maybe they retired? (They sure worked long hours...) I would've starved if it weren't for that red truck.

    2. Not sure how many students know about these places:

      Flip, toss and Thai
      141 Harbord, at Brunswick
      This place has been written up elsewhere, so I don't want to take up too much space about it. Ex-salad king chef makes decent thai here, but it might be a bit pricy for students.

      Harbord Fish and Chips
      right next door to the above. Again, this place is a bit pricy, $6 or so for fish and chips, but I like hte batter here and the fries are freshly cut and yummy. They use newspaper to wrap fish, and it's nice and greasy.

      River Tai Chinese
      This is just west of Spadina on Harbord.
      I was not impressed with their Curry Chicken. I went in because it was 3.99, but it was the worst curry I've ever had. Bright Yellow tasteless sauce and untasty chicken meat. But then again, I usually go to Chinatown where it's cheaper and better.

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        haha...River some sibling that was kicked out of the house by his family.

        still...provided me with fuel the 1 year I lived near there while going to UofT.

      2. Hey - you've got to mention Cora's pizza. A slice of garlic pizza and orangeade is the perfect cheap/student summer meal!

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          Garlic favorite...but not so good when trying to attract the ladies....ewwww

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            I just shorted out my keyboard drooling about the garlic pizza at Cora's. I went through a learning phase when I first moved in on the pizza front, ordering faithfully from a number of places. Cora became "it" the first time I sunk into a garlic pizza. Heavenly. And I never really found the garlic to be overpowering (though I never had an out-of-body experience, so who really knows?).

        2. Eating Garden at 41 Baldwin Street is one of those places that I'm kind of embarrassed that I like to visit. It's pretty inexpensive Chinese-Canadian food, but their Singapore Noodles and the Pea Shoots dish are soooo good. At lunch it is full of UofT students & profs.

          1. I still like to eat at Hart House. It serves good food at reasonble prices at one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the city.

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              Yes...excellent creme brulee! Reasonable prices for the food their serving.