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May 20, 2003 03:16 PM

Any recent visits to Susur?

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Hi there.

I'm thinking of going to Susur to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. I've read mixed reviews of the restaurant.

Has anyone visited there recently? What's the verdict? If I go, should I try the most expensive 7 course tasting menu?

I've also read that you can choose to go with only appetizers for the tasting menu. Is that true?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. The MOST exciting food in Toronto. Totally focused on what's on the plate (If you're a foodie - my pick)

    If you're looking for a more well rounded restaurant experience with fantastic food, the Fifth

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      Do they still force 2 seatings a night? This is what really bothered me about Susur before. I personally think this is inappropriate for what is probably the most expensive restaurant in town.

    2. We went there May 24. No problem getting a 6:30 reservation, did not seem to be "2 sittings" anymore. Did not have the 7 course menu that night, we had 5. They had 2 different 5-course menus so gave us each something different so each got to taste each thing. My husband left "still a little hungry", was about right for me. Bill came to about $300 with 1 bottle of wine, no cocktails. Food very inventive/creative - tiny portions of lots of different things. In truth I found some of the combinations a bit weird (eg candied figs with foie gras... like an O Henry with liver on top) but that may just be me. Certainly an interesting dinner. For me a place I'm glad I tried, but wouldn't want to go every week.

      1. amazing food, great service, go with the five course tasting menu as the seven is just too much food.
        susur is very creative but it must be kept in mind that sometimes creative people (like the rest of us) occassionally have a not so great day at work. that being said, he is still the best in the city.