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May 20, 2003 12:21 PM


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Anyone know where I can get paella? I like to eat but its too tedious to cook.

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  1. picante on adelaide near john. i havent tried it myself. but friend seem to like it.

    1. My mom's house every new year's. It's so good...but she only makes it once a year!

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        See, Goober can be good and say something nice (even if it has to be about his mother to bring it out)

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          Well, I, for one, think Goober is sweet! Rock on, Goober.

      2. Toronto isn't exactly a hotbed of Spanish cuisine of any description. But Segovia on St. Nicholas St. does serve Spanish fare, including paella.

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        1. re: fresco

          I've found Segovia's paella to be excruciatingly salty. That's a shame, because it's good otherwise (generous amount of seafood, properly cooked rice, etc).

        2. I find it a joy to make. What I mean is only ONE pan. A knife, measuring stuff and the freshest ingredients are all else needed.

          Sometimes I do it on the gas grill. Grill the chicken, Sausages etc. and pop them into the paella pan full of rice etc. Cover with foil , and bake in the grill.

          Again, minimal equipment and cleanup.


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          1. re: Pere Hugo

            Sure Paella is easy if you don'ty run around to get the required small quantities of 5 types of shellfish.

          2. So easy to make yourself... You don't even need special baking dishes, if you don't want to.
            I have a couple of very good recipes. Interested? Email me!