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Anyone know where I can get paella? I like to eat but its too tedious to cook.

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  1. picante on adelaide near john. i havent tried it myself. but friend seem to like it.

    1. My mom's house every new year's. It's so good...but she only makes it once a year!

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        See, Goober can be good and say something nice (even if it has to be about his mother to bring it out)

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          Well, I, for one, think Goober is sweet! Rock on, Goober.

      2. Toronto isn't exactly a hotbed of Spanish cuisine of any description. But Segovia on St. Nicholas St. does serve Spanish fare, including paella.

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          I've found Segovia's paella to be excruciatingly salty. That's a shame, because it's good otherwise (generous amount of seafood, properly cooked rice, etc).

        2. I find it a joy to make. What I mean is only ONE pan. A knife, measuring stuff and the freshest ingredients are all else needed.

          Sometimes I do it on the gas grill. Grill the chicken, Sausages etc. and pop them into the paella pan full of rice etc. Cover with foil , and bake in the grill.

          Again, minimal equipment and cleanup.


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            Sure Paella is easy if you don'ty run around to get the required small quantities of 5 types of shellfish.

          2. So easy to make yourself... You don't even need special baking dishes, if you don't want to.
            I have a couple of very good recipes. Interested? Email me!

            1. Hahaha, I just watched the Spanish film "Sex and Lucia" and one of the characters was an excellent paella cook. Now, I'm really hungry for this amazing dish again. I've only had it twice in my life, but never in Spain.

              First time, I had it was in Vina del Mar, Chile at a restaurant owned by a Spaniard. It was absolutely deliciously!!! Second time, I had it was at our hotel during lunch buffet in Cancun, Mexico. Just horrible, too soggy, bland and gross! :(

              I wanna find the best paella in Toronto. Any more recommendations? Hopefully, it'll taste incredible like what I remember when I first had it in South America.

              1. you can get some good paella at El Bodegon at College/Bathurst.

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                  I didn't think they had paella. They do have a dish called Jalea, which has breaded seafood, which is really good though. Everything there is good actually.

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                    I'm pretty sure they have paella. and i do agree with you though everything at El Bodegon is good.

                2. The paella at Toro on Bloor just west of Jane is the best I've found. I've had it half a dozen times over the past two years or so and it never fails. Lots of seafood, excellent sausage, perfectly cooked rice. Very reasonable wine list too.

                  1. The paella at Segovia is pretty tasty, though much of their tapas is mediocre.

                    In my opinion, stick to the sangria and paella.