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May 18, 2003 09:42 PM

Good cheap Japanese food in Scarborough/Markham?

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I love good creative Japanese food, but find it so expensive most times...I've been going to Sushi House at Kennedy and Highway 7 which is pretty decent and reasonable. Any other good suggestions out there?

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  1. 1) Pacific Mall (Kennedy/Steeles), go upstairs to the foodcourt...the one at the back (Heritage Town)'ll be on your left side almost to the back....called Japanese Express

    *Excellent tempura

    2) Chartwell mall (Brimley/Huntingwood)....can't miss it....there's only 4 food court restaurants (3 of which are Chinese!)

    *on a side note, the 2nd one from the right has the worst chinese food in the city...blech

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      There's also a place on south side of Steeles at the plaza with a Lick's and Kenny's Noodles. I've been thinking about going there sometime but havent' heard anything.

      1. re: neighborguy

        Thanks guys....
        Used to go to the one at Don Mills and Eglinton, but even they've gotten a bit much...
        I do like the one at Kennedy and Steeles

        1. re: Roland

          Memories of Japan, right? I'll go there if I'm feeling out of sorts - I don't know if I've been treated with as much indifference anywhere else I've been to.

          1. re: neighborguy

            Hahaha, haven't been to "Memories of Japan" for years.
            It's not all that bad, for value and taste, but I always joked with my friends that the place must be built on the memories of some guy who switched planes at the Tokyo airport 40 years ago and was in Japan for all of 20 minutes. Not quite authentic, but back then there weren't all those generic sushi joints as there are now (circa 1993)

        2. re: neighborguy

          Yes, I've been here too. Good place. I believe I tried the tempura and teriyaki combo.

      2. k
        Kevin Bertsch

        Two spots in Richmond Hill you might like:

        Akasura on West Beaver Creek at Hwy 7 (just below my
        oft-mentioned fave Ambassador).

        Adoe on Yonge St. just north of Elgin Mills. Really
        great lunch specials on the weekend - sashimi with soup, appetizers, salads, and tea for $7.99, for example - a little more expensive for dinner. Very
        friendly service, very accomodating for children.