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May 17, 2003 10:01 AM

on the danforth

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does anyone have any recommendations on where I can get great thai on the danforth or recommendations on other great restaurants on the danforth (cheap, price range - $20 or less for an entree).


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  1. Not Thai but try Octavia - on the North side near Carrot Common

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    1. re: BG

      There's 2 new Thai places on the Danforth. Both about 1 1/2 years old. Mong Kut Thai on the north side of the Danforth between Pape and Carlaw (few doors west of Starbucks), and another called Dinner's Thai on the south side between Logan and Hampton (Chester). Been to Mong Kut Thai many times. The ambiance is not the best but the food is quite good. Try the crispy calamari...excellent! The Pad Thai is pretty good too. They also have a front and back patio. Haven't tried the other place yet. But it looks a bit more formal than the casual Mong Kut.

      1. re: Beegee

        Mong Kut is okay. I found it quite sugary, and the portions sizes were small for the prices. Still worth a try, and they do have a back patio - nothing special, but nice if you like to eat outside.

    2. Another not Thai response ....

      My wife and I tried the sushi buffet ($8.99 weekdays) at Katsu. The sushi is prepared to order, and brought to the table. The buffet also includes other little dishes, e.g. yakitori.

      It's a small luxury in the middle of the week, and such a bargain!