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Old Dutch Chips

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I love Old Dutch Jalapeno and Cheddar chips, can't find them in Toronto, only had them in Manitoba. Does anyone know of a store that sell these chips?



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  1. Old Dutch is western Canada only. I have not seen them in Eastern Canada, but you might want to try Cape Cod Jalapeno and Chedder.

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      Kevin Bertsch

      Not just in Western Canada - very popular in Kitchener Waterloo, at least they were when I lived there a dozen years ago.

    2. The last time I looked, Highland Farms in Mississauga (Hurontario St. at Matheson) had them.

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        Thanks so much, I'm actually going to Missisauga this weekend, so I'll take a look.

        Have a good long weekend!


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          Since it is obvious they are still around, can someone tell me where to find these chips in the east-end?

          I miss them.

        2. there is a store on the corner of king and parliament
          that sells them. (i think its called c-store).

          1. there is a store on the corner of king and parliament
            that sells them. (i think its called c-store).

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              Probably Super C, that would make sense because I occasionally find Old Dutch at some branches of Loeb. I think they're branches of the same company.

              The black pepper flavour Old Dutch are very good.

            2. If these are the chips that used to come packaged in a box, with two cellophane packets inside, I used to buy them myself. But I haven't seen them for a long time now.
              They were good!

              1. dundas square, at dundas west and bloor west... there's a small variety store inside (conveniently across from the LCBO). they sell old dutch.

                while you're there, check out the korean place. get the...bugger, i can't remember what it's called... it's a thinly-sliced beef stirfry thing. used to have it every day for lunch when i worked in the area.

                1. I've never seen them in a box here, but you can get many flavours in big bags at AGA Convenience, NW corner of Church and Dundas. They have the aforementioned Jalapeno/Cheddar, plus Buffalo Wings, Roast Chicken, and Salt & Pepper... flavours I never saw in Winnipeg, but then again I've been here two years.

                  For all you Winnipeggers in Toronto, check out www.ethelbertstreet.com - a web site for people like us. It also includes a more comprehensive list of where to find Old Dutch in TO.

                  Link: http://www.ethelbertstreet.com

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                    shaun glogauer

                    If you are in the Thornhill/Richmond hill area there is a convenience store on the north east corner of Bathurst and Rutherford that definitely sells Old Dutch chips. I don't know all the flavors they have 'cause I only buy Ketchup or Salt & Vinegar. I often make a special trip just to buy them there.

                    1. The Hasty Market on Dundas West and Quebec (just a little west of High Park Ave.) sells Old Dutch. My favorite, too!

                      1. Eureka!... Upon discussing this thread with my daughter, she has just reminded me of where we did used to buy these chips. I was just there and they do still sell them... although I didn't see any of the old boxed chips, they had several varieties in bags.
                        The store is called The Kitchen Table, a little grocery-type store in a small strip mall on The Donway West in Don Mills. It's that funny little street that runs behind Don Mills mall (at Don Mills and Lawrence). There is a big Blockbuster store on one end of the strip mall, just in case you drive by without seeing it.

                        1. You can only find old dutch chips in convieniance stores. London Ontario has them, up north in Little Current.

                          1. me again, go to Bob's produce ranch, and enjoy!