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Sure, there's Second Cup, Starbucks, Timothy's and a ton of other chain operations. But Toronto also boasts some pretty good indy outfits--Moonbean in Kensington Market and Mocha Mocha on the Danforth to name a couple. I've heard good things about the Jet Fuel Cafe on Parliament too. What are your favorite independent coffee houses and what makes them your favorites?

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    Glenda McElwain

    I really like "The Remarkable Bean" on Queen Street East just East of the Fox Theatre.

    The place has the atmosphere of a "local" ... but without the booze. There are big sinky couches to lounge in... chess tables and the homemade soups are a wonderful way to chase the chill in fall/winter.

    The coffee is great...the business is family owned and the personal touch definitely shows.

    1. I like Tango Palace, because they're laid back, they play awful music (nothing like the carefully selected jazz-lite shite over at Starbucks), and they have that big, beautiful espresso machine that's shaped like R2-D2. They're located at 1156 Queen St. E., just west of Jones.

      1. I have always been a big fan of Faema's coffee at Dupont and Christie.

        1. www.balzacscoffee.com near Gooderham and Wort's distillery.

          1. ahhh... good old mocha mocha. that was opened by the parents of a friend of mine in elementary school!

            i got disappointed the other day. went to Java, 537 queen west... story goes, the place was opened by a couple of people who used to go to the original java, at 537 johnson street, victoria bc. i used to hang out there a lot. popped into the one here on the way home with my boyfriend on the weekend... nothing like victoria. very sad.

            1. I Deal Coffee in Kensington Market -- all socially and environmentally conscious, and incredible attention to detail in everything from the roasting to making espressos with their top of the line machine from Italy.

              1. Balzacs joint is v. cool interior, but v. bad espresso. Its like diesel fuel, try it out though, hopefully they've trained someone by now,,,

                Jet Fuel is cheap, can get workin mans double espresso for one dollar. thats right, one.

                Best espresso is only available mon-friday at Mercattos on Toronto St.

                Regular coffee...hmm, one of the mini-roastery joints...fresh is always best,,,,