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May 15, 2003 04:56 AM

java joints

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Sure, there's Second Cup, Starbucks, Timothy's and a ton of other chain operations. But Toronto also boasts some pretty good indy outfits--Moonbean in Kensington Market and Mocha Mocha on the Danforth to name a couple. I've heard good things about the Jet Fuel Cafe on Parliament too. What are your favorite independent coffee houses and what makes them your favorites?

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    Glenda McElwain

    I really like "The Remarkable Bean" on Queen Street East just East of the Fox Theatre.

    The place has the atmosphere of a "local" ... but without the booze. There are big sinky couches to lounge in... chess tables and the homemade soups are a wonderful way to chase the chill in fall/winter.

    The coffee is great...the business is family owned and the personal touch definitely shows.

    1. I like Tango Palace, because they're laid back, they play awful music (nothing like the carefully selected jazz-lite shite over at Starbucks), and they have that big, beautiful espresso machine that's shaped like R2-D2. They're located at 1156 Queen St. E., just west of Jones.

      1. I have always been a big fan of Faema's coffee at Dupont and Christie.

        1. near Gooderham and Wort's distillery.

          1. ahhh... good old mocha mocha. that was opened by the parents of a friend of mine in elementary school!

            i got disappointed the other day. went to Java, 537 queen west... story goes, the place was opened by a couple of people who used to go to the original java, at 537 johnson street, victoria bc. i used to hang out there a lot. popped into the one here on the way home with my boyfriend on the weekend... nothing like victoria. very sad.