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May 14, 2003 10:11 PM

Family-run Neighbourhood Finds!

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Please share your experiences with your own neighbourhood "family-run" type of restaurants...

Mine is a place called Vincent's Spot on Kingston Rd at Midland (a few doors west of Midland on the north side). This is a small little treasure one would never expect to find. Real linen tablecloths and napkins, and a small cosy room. Service is very friendly, and sometimes accompanied by a little chat with the lady who apparently runs the show. They have a fixed-price menu with veal being most of the choices. My favourite is the Peppercorn Steak (I'm not a veal eater). The food is always consistent... I've never been disappointed. You get an appetizer consisting of clams and mashed potato concoction which is served in a real shell, followed by a lovely salad plus nice garlic bread. The main course includes some roasted potato and a couple of brocolli spears. This is all followed by a simple but tasty (and quite satisfying) little dessert and coffee at the end. All of this plus a modest wine will only cost you around $70 for two. Not bad for a meal that is wonderfully cooked and never disappointing.

I usually have a few meals there per year at least. I feel it's worth the money.

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