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May 13, 2003 11:31 AM

Cask conditioned beer

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Always looking for cask conditioned ales and bitters. There's the Granite... not the nicest of pubs, but fantastic beer. Their dry hopped bitter and the IPA are probably the best beers made in Canada. Pity about the closing of their Beer Street outlet on the Danforth.

The only others I know of are the Bow and Arrow, C'est What?, Cloak and Dagger, Duke of Kent ... Anyone know of any other pubs with cask conditioned on tap in the downtown (south of Eglinton) area?

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  1. m
    Mississauga Matt

    Well you've mentioned most of the good ones with which I'm familiar.

    Although I've never been, the two Rebel Chop Houses usually get a good mention (1068 Yonge Street and 2197 Bloor St W).

    I think Shoeless Joe on John St occasionally has a cask conditioned beer available - I seem to recall Durham County's XXX IPA being available, perhaps in the real ale format? Even if they don't, you cannot go wrong at arguably Toronto's premier beer joint.

    Augusta's Winking Judge in Hamilton sounds like the place to go for beer in the golden horseshoe. I think they often do cask conditioned beers - see URL below.

    The absolute best cask conditioned ale I've ever had was at the now defunct Foster's on Chestnut Street (?)behind Toronto City Hall. This is about 7 years ago when they served Wellington Best Bitter and County Ale in the real ale format.

    Evidently the proprietors were ex-pats from the U.K. and knew the science of real ale like nobody else. I don't know what they did - certainly excellent cellarmanship, perhaps they added their own hops? - but those beers were like no others I ever had. Imagine the otherwise excellent Granite dry-hopped Ale times ten, and you start getting somewhat near the quality of what they served up at Foster's.

    Good luck in your search.


    1. I think that a new brewery has opened up in the East End, in the revamped Distillery District. I have seen coasters about for Mill St. Organic Lager. Has anyone been out this way? Is there a restaurant/pub on site? I think the 'organic' angle is a weak lead into the world of beers but I'll definately give it a shot. Here's hoping that a hoppy IPA is on the menu.

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      1. re: Alsiem

        Yup, that would be the Mill Street Brewery; see the link below. I don't think they have a pub/restaurant at the brewery, but check the Distillery District website for restaurant openings in the near future.

        The the Distillery District website is:


        1. re: Heather
          Mississauga Matt

          The Organic Lager is quite boring. Comes in a clear 195 mL(!) bottle and is pretty bland.

          I've been hearing good things about the Balzac's Coffee Porter and Tankhouse Pale Ales. Chowhounds might want to give them a go.