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May 12, 2003 11:37 PM

the greatest summer lunch in toronto

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saturday, my boyfriend and i went to Zelda's (church street, west side, just south of wellesley), and had a lovely light lunch. we split:

- warm spinach salad with caramelized onions and goat cheese
- irma's chicken sandwich (grilled chicken on something that seemed to be a cross between a bun and panini)
- margaritas (obviously.. it *was* after 12 noon, after all)

perfect saturday afternoon lunch. make sure you eat on the patio; it's much more pleasant than inside.

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  1. Zelda's??? Great patio, lots of fun, and possibly the worst pad thai in Toronto — and that's saying sumthin. Frozen fries, bottled salad dressing from a supermarket... Perhaps the drinks got to you?

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    1. re: Lashundra

      that's why when i go there i tend to avoid that stuff... the salad is delicious (the spinach one i mean), and so's the chicken sandwich. the mashed potatoes are also really good.. they seem to change every time i have them (which is rarely). last time they were made from red new potatoes, and they left bits of the skins in. yum!

      1. re: Lashundra

        Who DOESN'T have "the worst pad thai in Toronto"? Most restaurants in Toronto mangle the stuff. Pad thai is the new chow mein, and it's become just about as appealling. (Come on, even the Rex serves pad thai these days.)

        As for the frozen fries, bottled dressing etc., oh well, Zelda's never had delusions of haute cuisine. I've always gone there to have a fun time with my friends, and the food tends to be good if you choose wisely and dine with good company.

        1. re: Lat K.

          You are so right about the ubiquitous PT. There are just so many variations on it there's no way you can order the same thing twice if you don't count going back to the same restaurant. And even then, another chef on deck for the evening may construct his/her own variation.

          Having whipped up a few different batches of the stuff myself at home and having it countless times in Thailand, maybe we should order our PT with the element of surprise (and delight, hopefully everytime) in anticipation.

        2. re: Lashundra

          Who the hell goes to Zelda's to have pad thai, anyway? LOL! Perhaps the drinks got to YOU.

          1. re: Queen Bee

            HAHAH no doubt

            an ex of mine came to toronto for a visit last summer, and unwisely had the pad thai there. two bites, and he sent it back saying "um, i thought i ordered pad thai? you seem to have made a mistake"