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May 12, 2003 10:16 PM

Family restuarants downtown?

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As a treat, we're spending next weekend at the Westin Harbour Castle with our two kids (aged 3 and 7). I want to go to a restaurant that isn't a chain (no more East Side Marios!), and we've done The Old Spaghetti Factory many times. Are there any nearby resaurants (walking distance) that are children friendly? I would rather it be one that doesn't give toys out at the end of the meal, as they all seem to these days.


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  1. What about Marche at Bay & Front? They might be interested in watching their food cook.

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    1. re: baby_tran

      Oh, that's a great idea! I just wonder how safe it is for a nut allergic child? I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. re: KarenK

        My son is allergic to all nuts and we went to Marche last year with him for dinner. We asked the staff about the nut issues and they were very helpful in checking ingredients in all of their products. My son had the pizza, salad and pasta and he was fine. The desserts he stayed away from because some of them contained nuts.

      2. re: baby_tran

        I agree Marche IS novel and the wide selection of food is sure to please everyone - esp. children - but please arrive aware of a few things:

        If you dine at a peak time, you may have to que up for some time to wait for a table (though turnover is fast) Prices are somewhat high for the 'serve yourself' concept - be prepared to spend more than you would expect for casual dining. Lastly, due to its set up and popularity, the place is a hustle and bustle flury of diners and staff -- all rushing around the tightly packed marketplace precariously balancing trays, dishes and food - keep a close eye on your kids or they are likely to take out a diner and his/her steaming plate of food.

        Otherwise I'm sure your kids will enjoy!

      3. The Senator Diner on Victoria Street. Old-fashioned, awesome, but somewhat expensive.