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May 12, 2003 07:30 PM

Lawrence between Vic Park and Warden - Little Arabia

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I drove across Lawrence yesterday, going east from Vic Park and I stumbled across a whole host of Arabic eateries.

There were places that sold kebabs, shwarma, falafel etc. I even saw an authentic Arabic coffee house and a Lebanese patisserie.

I am going to have to explore this area further. I am excited. Anybody tried any of these spots? Any recommendations?

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  1. Around the corner (east side of Vic park, south of lawrence) is my favourite middle eastern restaurant: the Armenian Kitchen

    Best Baba Ghanough EVER. Smokey and smooth. Get some to take home.

    Good Chicken Shwarma - get extra garlic sauce - not the mayonnaise-type sauce that other places often serve but a yellow sauce that I believe gets its body from mashed potato (they used to sell jars of it, not sure if they do anymore). But one Caveat, they deliver, and whenever I order for delivery they seem to give me some dried-out chicken bits. If you eat in, that doesn't seem to be a problem.
    Everything else on the Menu - damned fine!
    I know it's not exactly what you asked for, but worth the trip around the corner I think! There's a middle eastern grocery store in the same plaza.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to try the chicken shwarma at Armenian Kitchen. I saw at least three other shwarma places in the strip plazas on Lawrence.

      Will let you guys know the results of my exploration.

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        My favorite chicken/lamb shwarma place is on Lawrence just west of Warden I believe. The place is at the end of a strip mall with large grocery store on the north side. I believe the name is Farhat and is usually pretty busy and tends to run out of chicken or beef sometimes but i prefer lamb so never had a big problem.

      2. re: julesrules

        I went to Armenian Kitchen today, based on your recommendations.

        DELICIOUS! Baba was as smokey and wonderful as you described.

        I had a platter ($12) which contained hummus, baba, chicken & beef shwarma, and tabouleh salad. It was fabulous. The best I've had.


      3. I've seen the pastry shop you're thinking of, went in, saw that everything looked great, and then discovered I didn't have any cash and I couldn't find an atm. Aargh! I'm going back.

        1. If you have a sweet tooth, try Arz bakery, Lawrence, east of Pharmacy on the south side. It is amazing! I have tried almost everything in the last few years and I'm always impressed.
          They have expanded a lot and now include a small supermarket section with a great selection of imported goodies