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May 12, 2003 04:51 PM

Indian take out recommendations?

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anybody know of a good Indian takeout place in Toronto that delivers?

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  1. Sangam on Bay St. often delivers to my work downtown. Try them, they're in the phone book. The lamb biryani is good.

    1. Timothy's Tikka House in Cabbagetown (556 Parliament, 416-964-7583) delivers, but check first to see if they come to your area. Minimum order is $15.

      It's been several years since I went to Timothy's, so I can't remember much aside from the fact that their chicken was good. However, I have a copy of their take-out/delivery menu, clipped from last week's Cabbagetown newspaper. Their specialty is tandoori chicken. They do the familiar curries (jalfrezi, korma, vindaloo, madras) and standard apps (pakora, samosa, onion bhajia, tikka, etc.). Some veggie options (aloo gobi, bengan bhartha, bhindi bhaji, saag paneer, etc.). They also offer items like BBQ chicken, wings, cole slaw and fries, which makes them look a bit "India Lite", but they've been around for over 20 years, so they obviously have fans. I can't think of too many other Indian restaurants that have been around that long (Indian Rice Factory, maybe?).

      1. I believe that Bombay Palace delivers but if not I'm sure you can use It includes Indian Rice Factory, Bombay Palace and Tandoori House.

        1. i recommend the butter chicken at Timothy's Tikka House, on Parliament and Welsley. a classic recipe that is not palate-westernized in terms of spice. buttery and spicy deep red curry sauce, with nice chunks of tandoori chicken. i think its under $10. order a naan or 2, and they'll deliver it. enjoy.