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May 12, 2003 04:03 PM

Cloak and Dagger on College

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Went there on the weekend. Excellent fish and chips done in the traditional style. Plus for dessert they offer deep fried mars bar served with ice cream. It was fantastic! Way too rich for one person but great to share. I highly recommend this place. The one draw back was the interior was really darkly light. I guess they're going for authentic British pub style.


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  1. That's an interesting twist. This place is very much a watering hole at night, I would be surprised if they even serve food in the evening. A great place for a drink and to relax to some good DJ's, if you go to the bar you'll realize that there can be no dancing. I always thought that the deep fried Mars bar thing was a joke that was used to illustrate how disgusting the Scottish diet is. What next, Iron Bru(sp?)

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    1. re: Alsiem

      oi! don't knock the irn bru. i grew up on that, and tizer!

      (the Fortino's at Lawrence Square--by lawrence west station--carries both, for a very reasonable price. they seem to carry everything, actually)

      1. re: danbird

        Do they carry white pudding there as well?

        1. re: mikeb

          I don't know for sure, but they are one of the (unfortunately) few pubs in Toronto that serve cask conditioned beer ... the Wellington Arkell Bitter ... a great drink.

          1. re: Matt

            This is a great traditional Brit pub and a fine, dark place to drink. It's a great antidote to that Firkin bullshit. That said, it's not really a great place to eat. The menu is small and is more of an homage to UK pub grub than anything else (chips with curry etc.) The fried fish is just so-so. I would recommend that you go there to drink the great beer on tap (and only beer - don't go here for wine or cocktails) and stick to ordering fries.
            Oh and the bartenders are very nice.

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