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May 10, 2003 08:58 PM


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I have a voucher for dinner through the excellent Mirvish Little TO deal and want to know which restaurant would be best. Do you know how restricted the menu's are, good for kids? I am considering Leoni's, Filet of Sole, Whistling Oyster or 360 - any comments? What about Red Tomato? Thanks, Jane

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  1. I'd say the 360. The food is supposed to be better than then other places, it's more expensive, and of course, you get the amazing view. And because it's a tourist destination, I would think it would be kid-friendly. The other places you mention are pretty lame, many of them being after-work hangouts for nine-to-fivers who don't know how to identify good food.

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      Kevin Bertsch

      Oh, I wouldn't write off Whistling Oyster or the Red Tomato. If your kids like seafood, the Oyster has some great dishes (plus lots of small dishes so they can experiment without breaking the budget), and the Red Tomato has consistently delivered great food at very reasonable prices. No coincidence that they are both managed by the same company.

    2. HOw did anyone get tickets for that little TO promotion? My friend and I tried from the first day and couldn't get through! Now its over and I am so disapointed. Finally, something in my budget and its gone....