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May 10, 2003 03:16 PM

Need a good place on the danforth for tonight

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Any quick recommends? The sort of thing for a few friends going out for a decent birthday dinner and several drinks.

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  1. The Danforth is great! If you want to kick back, try Myth. Not only can you eat there, you can also play pool. However, its one of the pricier restaurants on the Danforth. In my opinion, the best greek food on the Danforth is at Mezes. It usually gets packed on a Saturday evening so call ahead and see if you can make reservations. If you're looking for dessert, Dememtres is a great place to relax and talk. Hmmm. Other good haunts? Ouzeri's is pretty good; If you want something more dressy, Lolita's Lust is a dressy place to chill and get drinks (I don't think there is much greek food there). Other places to drink: Allen's (never been but there are some reviews on this board), Dora Keogh's and The Red Violin ( a new addition near Broadview).

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      Thanks nana! I checked out Myth online - it looks perfect!