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May 10, 2003 12:06 AM

A little nostalgia... who remembers...?

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About 20 yrs ago I worked at Don Mills and Eglinton. We used to go out to the Holiday Inn at Wynford Dr... the restaurant there was called Eglinton Eats. I don't remember any of the other items on the menu except for their Club Sandwich... the absolute best I've ever had before or since. It was "real turkey"... not the deli-sliced stuff, and it even had a thin slice of red onion in it, and it was all served on marble rye... YUM.

Also, there used to be an Italian restaurant on Yonge somewhere between Bloor and Wellesley, called Rugantino's. We discovered the absolute best pizza in this place. Alas, the place is no longer there. That would be about 30 yrs ago.

Also in the same stretch of Yonge street, there was an Indian restaurant (don't remember the name, but might have been India House). This was our very first experience with curry... YUM. We've never been able to duplicate that experience since. That too was 30 yrs ago.

Does anyone have anything on these places? I know that Rugantino's moved to another location around the corner from Yonge St near the Charles Promenade (I think). However we didn't like it as much then.

Share your experiences please...

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  1. I think that the indian restaurant on Yonge was called The Indian Rice Factory. It was also my first Indain restaurant and I had the benefit of an Indian host. I remember well the Thali platter. I'm happy to see how well the Toronto board is doing. It's a great chowhound city.

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      Would this restaurant be any relation to the Indian Rice Factory on Dupont? My understanding was that it had opened up on Dupont during the seventies.

      For me I relish the childhood memory of my first Dim Sum on Spadina at what I think is now the Bright Pearl (although I am not sure). It was pretty neat for a young first-timer to watch all those ladies zooming around with their carts of tasty food of the kind that I had never seen nor eaten before. And, of course, the food tasted good too.

      1. re: mikeb

        Yes there were two, the other on Dupont. Another Indian restaurant of the same vintage was the Moghul on Bloor near Bathurst. I assume that it is long gone.

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          I think the Moghul is still there but with a different name. It was the place whose owner was featured in the Toronto Star article on cleanliness that led to the blitz. An interesting fellow if a bit of a shark (I had dealings with him).

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            The Moghul is about eight years gone,The one I miss down the street a bit is Foodworks...great salads and burgers

    2. There was a decent Chinese banquet place at the northeast corner of Brimley and Sheppard in Scarborough. I remember eating dim sum there on weekends with my parents....dinner was good too.

      1. the scene: Broadview and Gerrard. Lunchtime on Sunday afternoon. One of the several restaurants in the neighborhood serving really cheapo dim sum. Waiting in the dirty entrances with my family among all the other hungry Chinese families. It's wintertime to so we're all huddled there with our parkas on. Finally our number is called in Cantonese and the captain asks my mom if we could share a table. We sit down at a large round table and not even acknowedge the other family sitting across from us, with a row of comndiments separating our food from theirs. And of course, we don't talk either. A silent meal.

        Ah, the good ole days.

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