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May 9, 2003 07:52 PM

Swiss Chalet

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Wife and I had lunch at Swiss Chalet today,one white one dark quarter dinners and one apple pie and ice cream desert for me (Wife on a diet!!) $28.00 with tip!!
forgive me if I remember that when I first started going to Swiss Chalet a quarter dinner was $2.25!!

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  1. and likely the portion was larger and the fries were better!

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    1. re: Toronto K.G.

      At Swiss Chalet I've always found the best option to be takeout. Its always quick and I've never received anything but fresh hot food. Tip:Always open the container!! Otherwise the fries will turn soggy.

    2. My son, who has been living in the U.S. for several years got nostalgic about the Swiss Chalet of his childhood. The service was awful beyond belief, the chicken dry and fries cold. I tried again and was still disappointed. I'm not certain whether the chain has deteriorated or if our standards are higher.

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      1. re: Judee

        I think it must depend on which location you go to.. I used to frequent a spot in Markham north of Steeles just off Kennedy and I usually found the food to actually be fast and hot... But I have been to way too many locations with bad service and poor food.

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          As for the service, I have heard that waitstaff can't expect even 10 percent there, and have noticed that colleagues don't tip very well there - nowhere near what they would tip in a bar. So that might explain a bad attitude.