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May 9, 2003 11:56 AM

Spiciest Food

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I have posted one message under my real name Alastair but I'll get with the times and get a handle. I love spicy food and my colon is probably the worse for it. Across all food types, any good recommendations for spicy eats? I realize that there is some skill to tasty spicy, as opposed to overkill but I want to hear about both kinds. I am obviously addicted to the hots, my brain has adopted an interesting technique of substituting the soapy taste of "Thrills" gum for insane heat when I overload with chilies.

If you're interested, the only two hot sauces that I have found that are really hot are Black Widow and Dave's Insanity. My Super Bowl party was ruined when guests mistook Dave's for PC/Loblaws product.

I look forward to the tips,


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  1. If you like Dave's Insanity, have you tried Dave's Private Reserve? It comes packaged in a wooden box shaped like a coffin, and apparently it's three times as hot as Dave's Insanity. I have never seen this particular sauce in Toronto (not that I've looked for it - it would no doubt burn a hole in my stomach!), but I'm sure you can order it online.

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      I'm pretty sure that I should avoid any product x3 hotter. I don't need the ulcers.

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        I once bought a sauce called Jamaica Hell Fire ... it is probably the hottest sauce I have ever tired. In fact, the label says "Keep out of reach of children". I still have about 75% of the bottle in my fridge. And I love hot stuff!

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          I had that sauce too - yeah, I still have most of it too !

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            There was a wonderful article in the Toronto Star two weeks ago regarding the spiciest places to eat in Toronto. One of the places they go to in the article and that I particularly recommend is Ghandi Roti on Queen West just east of Bathurst.


    2. I am certain that I am repeating what has already been said by numerous others. But if you are a spicy food fan than go to Salad King. I was there last night and had the green curry (my constant). Somehow Thai heat just makes you feel like you can conquer the world!

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        I have tried up to 20 chilies at the Salad King. My beef about it was I thought the scale was not a literal count. It was a noodle dish and the 20 dried chilies that were present and flaked in the dish lent a very crunchy texture. I would have preferred some little bird's eye chilies, i.e. 20 chilies worth of heat. I like the food there though, even at 5 chilies they provide a nice punch. I was in Thailand for 6 months a little while ago and would regularly eat spicy Som Tam and you're right nothing beats the high provided by fiery Thai!