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May 8, 2003 04:47 PM

Need bar/lounge recommendation for group

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Could you 'hounds recommend a bar/lounge that would accomodate a group of about 25 people on a Saturday night, probably 10 or 11 p.m. as an arrival time.

After eloping to Hawaii (the Honolulu Chowhounds were a HUGE help by the way), my husband and I are throwing a dinner party in a couple of weeks for friends and family in Toronto. We'd like to move the group after the dinner festivities elsewhere so that people can just relax and gab and have a good cocktail.

Have been out of the bar/lounge scene for a number of years and could use some input. What we don't need is a super packed, ridiculously loud bar. Something relaxed, good tunes, and possibly a private room to accomodate that many people.

Any ideas would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks so much.

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  1. i have a couple of suggestions...

    Babylon, on church street. over a hundred different martinis, and as long as you're on the first or second floor, the music is pretty low. they take reservations, although i'm not certain about reservations for *quite* that many people. give them a call; they're in the book.

    uhmmmm... IT nightclub has a lovely first-floor lounge, but it's enormous, and the music would be very loud... hmm. *thinking*

    Wettbar on Maitland is good. excellent cocktails all around.

    email me.. my address is above. i have a bunch of contacts in the industry, so i may be able to help you find something appropriate. i'd need to know the probable date of the event as well.

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      I adore Babylon! Oh yeah, their martinis are good. One of the classiest bars on Church Street - mellow and cozy. My friend held a birthday party there for about 20 people a while ago, and it was brilliant.

      Although Babylon is not as flamboyant as the places down the street (Woody's/Sailor's, etc.), you may want to think about whether people like your parents will be comfortable in a gay bar.

      1. re: Heather

        d'oh. didn't even cross my mind.

        and woody's...euuurgh....