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May 8, 2003 04:45 PM

Fries and Mayo as in Amsterdam??

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Anyone thats been to Holland, particulary to Amsterdam, late night stroll along the canals in the red light district , than a quick stop over into one of the many "COFFEE SHOPS", than stopping for some fries and a variety of sauces. Anything like that in Toronto, The Fries and sauces I mean!!LOL!! Thanks..Eli..:-)

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    Richard Warriner

    I've been to a number of spots lately that serve up Fries Aoili (Garlic mayo to you). Would highly recommend either Insomnia on the south side of Bloor, east of Bathurst, or The Irish Embassy on the east side of Yonge between King and Front Streets.

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    1. re: Richard Warriner

      Try Chippies
      It's a great fish & chips spot on Queen W, west of Bathurst
      It was reviewed by Now Magazine a few weeks back.

      They actually use the big silver bowl to shake the fries before serving them, just like in Amsterdam.

      Plus the fish is awesome

      1. re: bbbradk

        I think Chippies is way overrated. The portions are small. I would take Harbord Fish and Chips any day.