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May 8, 2003 02:05 PM

Allen's on the Danforth

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I have Allen's on the mind. Somebody posted below to recommend their crabcakes. I've also heard that their burgers are great, and I love the back patio atmosphere. However perhaps we ordered the wrong things when we went: fish and chips, and ribs from a bbq special. Everything was fine, but $12.95 for a small serving of fish and chips is just too much. Ribs were also overpriced relative to other pub food in the area. What should I order next time? Should there be a next time?

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  1. while i haven't been to allen's in quite a long time, bear in mind that it's a more upscale kind of pub (better food quality in general, and reportedly one of the best beer selections in the cty). i guess that's what you're really paying for.

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    1. re: danbird

      That's what I figure as well, but I didn't find the quality justified the price. Especially in the case of the small and very average fish n chips! Wondering if it's just that kind of place, or is it worth going back to try other items?

      1. re: julesrules

        as i recall (from a few years ago), they do best at sandwichy-type-things. there was something served on a bap. a chicken breast of some sort? something like that. yummy.

        and the welsh rarebit is delicious. they used to serve actual roasted rabbit, too. yum.

        1. re: danbird

          Allen's is a great place for a drink and the food is tasty but way overpriced for what you get. Granted, quantity isn't everything when it comes to a good meal, Allen's does truly skimp on the portions.

          1. re: pilate

            They are a bit overpriced, by-gosh-and-begorra.

            But I've found that brunch is a good time to go. Some very tasty and unique items at lower prices than their dinner menu.

            And a side order of sweet potato fries is always a must!

            1. re: Fooberry

              great burgers ,great scotch and beer ,great ambiance ,great patio, not great value

              1. re: Fooberry

                Glad to hear some agree with my initial assessment. I think I will go back this summer for brunch as suggested, I live in the area and the back patio qualifies as a respite from the Danforth!

                And how about the Auld Spot? Their pub grub seems like good value for the money, haven't tried the more expensive "dinner" appetizers and mains. Anybody?

                1. re: julesrules

                  Auld Spot is good. They servce a great rosemary sausage entree.

        2. re: danbird

          I can list off a dozen places that have "the best beer selection in the city" and they ain't charging 17 bucks for a a pitcher the size of an average flower vase. Allen's I've always thought figures it can overcharge the unsuspecting because people with more money than brains think it's a sign of "class" to be burnt by the bill and not mind.

        3. The best (perhaps only) reason to go to allen's is for the hamburgers and only for the hamburgers--in the back patio on a beautiful day.