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May 8, 2003 12:33 PM

Chippy's Fish and Chips - Queen West

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This place is always packed, so we decided to give it a try and were very disappointed. The fish was tasteless, line-up was long, the music was too loud (I'm not old and love loud music but it felt like I was in a bar) and you had to pay for tartar sauce! I know Harbord Fish and Chips must be better. I felt like I spent $2 on the fish and $8 on the was a rip off. However, there must be people that love it since it's always packed...beware!

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    jack cousteau

    It seems to be a consensus on Chippy's crappy-ness.

    1. I don't know - I ate there last week for the first time and found things pretty good. Had the salmon and found it anything but tasteless. Nice light batter, didn't seem too greasy and the fish seemed nice and fresh. I'll agree that the tarter should be included though.

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        Tartar sauce is extra??? C'mon, that's just plain cheap.