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May 8, 2003 11:59 AM

I would like your suggestions for best lobster in TO [nt]

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  1. Best lobster, "Lobster Trap," Avenue Road, or "Lobster Royale" on Yonge just North of Steeles (next to Mr Greek)

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      lobster trap has an abundance of lobster but it is always overcooked and dry and rubbery. I've been there 6 times and was not impressed. The best lobster i've had in t.o was on baldwin st. at a place called hua sang (i think that's how you spell it). It was extremely tender, juicy and made to order (kind of sauce or not).
      I'm a lobster lover and do not recommend the Lobster Trap on Avenue rd.

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        I have to add that some of the best Seafood, including lobster, that I have eaten at is "Rodneys Oyster House", Not the cheapest place in town, but outstanding , fresh seafood..and you gotta love Rodney, What a character...the new place is on King ...Enjoy...Eli....:-)

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          I agree that Rodney has great seafood. Was there last week and had lobster. It was expensive at $35.00 a pound but the one I had was perfectly cooked and heavenly. The best lobsters in my opinion are between 1 1/2 pounds and two pounds. I find that no one needs a lobster bigger than two pounds and bigger lobsters are chewier. I once had a two and half pound lobster in San Francisco and found the rich tasting meat became too much for one person. The meat was also tougher. I once also had a large lobster at a chinese restaurant and found the meat tough. (Could be the Chef too?!?)

    2. Although I do not have it from first-hand experience, a friend of mine whose opinion on seafood I trust, strongly recommends Starfish for lobster. He raved on and on about the quality of their lobster and of course their oysters. It is a fine dining establishment, but their price are not completely unreachable.

      Their menu changes so you might want to call to confirm. Link to their website is below

      Link: http://www.starfishoysterbed.com/

      Image: http://members.rogers.com/rhodenizer/...

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        I would agree that Starfish serves excellent lobster but at $35 a pound (and seemingly nothing under 3 pounds) it was very expensive (to be honest I didn't order it but ate quite a bit of my friend's!)