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May 7, 2003 02:16 PM

speaking of japanese buffets...

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Seeing a passing reference to them in another post, I was wondering what Japanese buffets were like in the city and how they work - I've seen more and more of them advertised. Is there a table with items for diners to choose, a set menu wih unlimited refills, or do you a get a wide selection of items to choose from (ie could you order the "buffet" and avoid, say, maki rolls (for some reason, nori doesn't react too well with me) if you didn't want any?)

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  1. depends on where you go.

    there's Shintori, on..err...isabella i think? in the lobby of the hotel there. it's a standard western buffet-style restaurant, with japanese food. the sushi bar selection isn't that great, but hey, you can stuff yourself with unlimited salmon sashimi, so it's not all bad.

    then there's katsu (north side of danforth, just east of carlaw).. much better. it's a sit-down restaurant, and you just order as much as you like, for a fixed price. the selection isn't huge, but again, they include sashimi.

    mariko (at the carrot common, between chester and broadview) is a similar style. slightly more expensive, but better selection.

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      Shintori is sad and revolting! Was there once, and will never return. Be very afraid of their sushi/sashimi; it's of suspect quality.

      If you must go punish yourself, Shintori is at 15 Charles St. E. (just east of Yonge).

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        i can relate what you are talking about. my shintori experience was also less than successful.

        if you're up in the suburbs, theres a place called kyoto. its located in the richlane mall, on the corner of leslie and 16th avenue in richmond hill.

        good selection of sushi/sashimi/terriyaki. their soba is horrible but most of the food is passable. i keep going back for their sliced eel on rice.

        dinner price iirc is 18$ weekdays, 23$ fri-weekends.

        happy eatin'

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        Shintori is part of a chain. I've eaten there once and never again. However, their sister restaurant Sakura (Don Mills/Lawrence) is better food-wise and cleaner.

        There's another place called Ten-ichi at Markham/Sheppard which has an all-you-can-eat set menu. The menu is constantly changing and they do have salmon sashimi and tempura.

      3. Apparently Fune does a buffet once a month on the last Saturday. I have never been so I don't know how it works or how much it costs.. I went there for a private party once when they offered a buffet and it seems to me that it was pretty good!


        1. There is a decent place for all you can eat by order sheet up in North York. It's located about 2 blocks south of Finch on the West side of Yonge Street, across from the Burger King. Sorry, but I don't know the exact address. They have a really good selection of both sushi and kitchen items. On the sushi menu, they have soft-shell crab roll and this is good news since this is usually pretty expensive at other places. The kitchen does decent work, and this all you can eat deal is offered every night of the week. It's definitely the best Japanese buffet I've been to so far (I'm also been to Shintori and Sakura which should be avoided at all costs, and Tenichi and Kyoto which are just OK). I'm Japanese, and I'm really picky about my JApanese food, and it's pretty much hopeless to try and find authentic food at a buffet, but this might be the closest thing. Oh well, can't wait to go back to JApan and eat real J-food.

          Oh yeah, by the way, the price is something $18.99 for weekday dinner and 21.99 for weekend, which puts it on par with all the other places.

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            I looked up Mye Sushi, couldn't find it on Canada 411 or Is that the name of the restaurant? Mye Sushi?