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May 7, 2003 01:41 PM

Anyone want Chinese recommendations for Markham/Richmondhill?

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Lemme know..
I am around these areas often.. and yes the Chinese restaurants here are very very good 9 out of 10 visits.

just a feeler
cuz I think most of us are South of Steeles..

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  1. Sure, I work at Birchmount and 14th and am always looking for good eats. There are so many restaurants to choose from !


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    1. re: marie

      Sorry i took so long to reply, guys

      well, depends what you are looking for, but i think most of you will probably be pleasently surprised with the food court in FIRST MARKHAM PLACE. WOODBINE/HWY7 Very affordable with entire entree/soup/drink, for ~$5. Very authentic and flavour that can't be beat for that price.. definaltly slams that bigmac and fries.

      FIRST MARKHAM PLACEactually combines alot of different chinese cultures in one plaza of eating experience. Enjoy PEIKING style food at NEW PEIKING HOUSE, on the east side of the plaza. I have been following this owner since he had his first incarnation in scarboro over 10 yrs ago. Excellent authentic peiking style food.. again, very affordable, great service (4/5 times) and generous portions.

      DimSum Shanghainese can be found at DING TAI FUNG, here is more of an a-la-cart experience, with traditional dim sum dishes.. plus some rarer ones that many restaurants just don't serve.. an interesting experinece, but a little more pricy..

      Gwong Dong style food of course can be had at CONGEE WONG.. never a dissapointment and again, great value for the money.

      I have heard many good things about the veitnamese resturant, and a few things about the japanese restaurants in the same plaza, but nothing outstanding.. perhaps some hounds can check it out when they get the chance!!!

      hope this helps!

      1. re: ANDREW LEE

        I know in Vancouver they have a few restaurants in which you pay one flat rate and you can get as many dim sum dishes as you like (both ordering and on the carts)
        Get this, it's only $6.99 or something crazy like that. I'm just wondering if there's any places like that in the GTA.


    2. I would love recommendations for a place where dim sum can be ordered off a menu (preferably in English). We used to frequent a restaurant on Yonge, north of Steeles called Grande, formerly known as Big Canteen and before that GArlic Pepper. It is now a buffet.

      Thanks kindly!

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      1. re: shan

        I know of two places where the dim sum menu is in English and has nice colour pictures of the dishes too.

        Both these places have practically identical dim sum menus as they have the same owners!

        1) Ambassador Chinese Cuisine, 280 West Beaver Creek (Leslie/Hwy 7)

        2) City Inn Chinese Cuisine, inside Market Village (the older building beside Pacific Mall at Kennedy/Steeles)

        1. re: Goober

          THanks Goober. I'll be sure to try these sometime.

          1. re: shan

            Also, House of Fisherman's Delight north side on Hwy 7, east of Bayview. They have an English menu for dim sum and they are all priced at $1.80. It is good, specially the Har Gau.

        2. re: shan

          Most dim sum places now are ordered by checking items off a printed menu and all of these places will have english and chinese. Honey Garlic, Ginger Onion and one place just south of Hwy. 7 on Woodbine are the only places that i can think of that still have the push carts so it is a pretty safe bet that there will be enough english to help you order at any other dim sum joint.

          1. re: shan

            Diamond - a standalone restaurant in the parking lot of First Markham - has very good, reliable dim sum.

            Another great food court choice inside the mall itself is Yan's. Go for one of their $5 combos listed on the white sign on the post. Not just great value but also really good cooking. Been eating there for years and their crispy pork chop is some of the best we've had anywhere.

            Avoid the giant shui mei, unless you like them fishy (which my partner does...)

          2. I used to live in that area and was quite a fan of Sam Woo at the Bamburgh Circle plaza just south of Steeles on Warden. I was never fond of the service but the food is fabulous, try the lemon chicken, you will not be disappointed! There are two Sam Woo's in the same plaza, one does BBQ (that 's the one I used to go to) and the other is seafood.

            There is large Chinese grocery in the same plaza, so if you are looking for any specialty products, this is where to get them!

            1. How do you feel about Grand Yatt in Richmond Hill? I was there once, many years ago, and I thought was at the very least equal to, and possibly even surpassed, Luk Yee Tea House in Hong Kong.

              1. Definitely want recommendations. I just spent three days in Richmond Hill/Markham and was very glad to have suggestions from this board.

                Otherwise, there is just too much choice, who knows where to start?