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May 7, 2003 01:40 PM

Foie Gras in the Fair City

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Are there any restaurants in the city that prepare foie gras?


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  1. There are many. In fact, almost all of the fine dining establishments have at least one foie preparation on their menu.

    What specifically are you looking for? Seared? Torchon? Terrine? What type of restaurant are you looking for? What area? Etc.

    1. As previously mentioned by all the finer dining establishments have one form of foie gras on their menu. I prefer mine seared and the best I've had in toronto was at Centro. Also, this past winter Susur had a foie gras course in his fixed menu that gave you 4 or 5 different version that was awesome.

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        I agree with fiasco in favouring the seared preparation best. I really like the crisp outer layer, with the soft, melting foie just beneath. Totally sublime. My preference is to have it served with a fruit compote of some kind. One of the best applications of this technique I've seen (seared foie with a sweet accompaniment) was at Tru in Chicago. It is placed over oatmeal, with a warm maple syrup glaze. Soo incredible.

        Centro DOES do a great seared foie. I'm pretty sure Susur still has a foie arrangement on his tasting menu as well. Bymark has a great seared foie on their dinner menu right now.

        1. re: Chris Perry

          i'm all for sweet/savoury combos. But maple syrup and foie gras over OATMEAL???? Please clarify, because i just can't picture a slice of foie gras on my morning gruel.

        2. re: fiasco

          The Susur thing was pretty interesting. Not common knowledge though but if you look in the Foie Gras cookbook, you'll see that Charlie Trotter did much the same some years back (foie gras 5 ways -- one of which was custard).

          1. re: fiasco

            The Susur fixed menu had 2 different versions - if two people ordered it you each got a different one (one had 4 styles, the other 5). One concentrated on sweet accompaniments; the other on earthy flavours.
            Both were superb.

          2. I haven't tried this - but saw it on the menu last time I was there.
            Bouchon (Wellington E of Yonge) has a foie gras poutine!!!!!!!!!!

            1. I had an amazing foie gras dish at Bymark during the Toronto Life Wine & Food dinner a couple of weeks ago. It was marinated and ? steamed, then served with figs - delicious. This exact dish is probably not on the regular menu but I'd be willing to try any Mark McEwan effort there.

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                Kevin Bertsch

                Two years ago on Feb. 13, I was taken out for an amazing pair of meals by an advance writer from Gourmet Magazine. First, we enjoyed a fabulous seafood banquet at Ambassador Chinese in Richmond Hill ($700 for 3 people, no booze), and then we repaired to the Courtyard Cafe, where we had a most exquisite foie gras appetizer as part of our $800 meal
                (two bottles of wine this time). The foie gras was
                delicious - gently seared, melt in your mouth with a couple of nice accompliments. Wish my budget would allow me to go back!